Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Birthday thank you message for everyOne... for those who made a comments, messages, pictures..txt.personal..

Today is a beautiful day outside - sunny and warm! A beautiful day to celebrate another year! Yes, it is my birthday!Thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday! Each greeting really meant a lot to me and absolutely made my day. Thanks to internet for making remembering people's birthday and sending a greeting much easier! I'll make it a point to check birthday celebrators on Facebook everyday and to save them on my calendar. Hehehehe!Of course, thank you to my family who has always been there no matter what. Nag luto pa nga si mama for our birthday.. Thank you mama and Thank you for always taking the time and making the effort to make me feel special!Thank You Lord for giving me another year - another year to be productive, to share my life and be a blessing to other people. Thank You for the bounteous blessings You continue to shower my family and I. I pray that You always guide us and help us be better people everyday

Sa mga nagtxt at nag greet personal..Kuya eric,Kuya Alvin,Kuya Erwin,Kuya mark,Jenard,JM,tita Babylyn,Maryrose Lorenz,Tita nena All the SBC staff pasto olankuya rowie tita mars,kuya ted,

Through facebook and some online account:Ate rona,Ate remy,Kristine aguireAte micahCamilleJervinKristine betansosKatrinaJoshJosephPatrickPastor lance and melanie gotchereric leeLorilynTAe lainAte carlaEric ibanaBinjietremiall my high school friends and teachers..FROM MNHS, and San Jose National High School...at yung mga nalimutan ko.. pasensya na..at yung mga hahabol pa for greeting. hehehe..

Guys I love You all.Again thank you all very much for sweet pictures, comments, and messages.. it means a lot to me.. you all made me feel so special and loves..thank you all..!!! ^_^

thank you all. i truly appreciate..

To all my followers, friends, who continuously visiting my Blog.
I hope you enjoy dropping by.God bless each of us..
Your help will be highly appreciated to support my Blog and Family Needs
Thank You Again..God Bless


導暑紀時 said...
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Jay Jayasuriya said...

Well said. I think I'm gonna steal that. Happy Birthday pal!

Anonymous said...

I really love this beautiful sayings all through

Junrey Nuevas said...

thank you for the comment..
Thank you for Dropping by in my Blog.. Hoping you enjoy it.. By the way Kindly like my Fan page at Facebook..

Thank You.. God Bless

Anonymous said...


I too had my birthday recently and got loads of wishes on facebook. I wanted to thank all my friends individually for their well wishes. I came across this cool new app on facebook called " Say Thankyou!" which lets you thank all your friends within a few seconds. Why don't you try it out to thank your friends? it can be found at https://apps.facebook.com/ say_thank_you/

Anonymous said...

i qoute n copied..tnx

Anonymous said...

Nice intro.. wanna copy that.. ^_^ coz it's my birthday today... :)) I want it to post on my FB .. hope its okey to copy that.. ^_^

alice brown said...

What a nice post. Happy Birthday to you. I like you birthday thank you messages and although late, let me express my warmest birthday wishes to you. May you find all your heart desires.

Cheers xxx

Anonymous said...

nice message..if you dont mind i want to copy this..today its my bday. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just go ahead of you want to copy this message it's an honor.

From the owner of this blog.
Junrey Nuevas

Anonymous said...

pa copy po ha..really love this thank you message hope ok lng..

Anonymous said...

pacopy po aaah. thank you po.

Junrey Nuevas said...

everyone welcome to COPY and SHARE my thought. thank a lot guys and gals.